Services of advisers in value adjusting

Admin Saturday 3 September 2022 - 18:13
Services of advisers in value adjusting

                                 Services of advisers in value adjusting

The value of goods imported by customs experts according to commodity logs and evaluation tools with tools such as the Comprehensive Trade System (TSC), which is registered according to the import records and the Internet inquiry and the market is examined, if the values ​​are in line Otherwise, the amount of the difference in value and the fine will be issued by the expert and the value correction and payment identifier will be issued.

Tariffs for imported goods are matched by customs experts according to the goods and customs valuation documents, and if the declaration of the goods is inconsistent with the book of import and export regulations, otherwise the customs tariff will be corrected by customs experts and must be The ordering will be rectified and then the goods will be placed at the clearance and exit stage

Trading company "arvintav" with the help of experienced personnel in determining the tariff and valuation of imported and exported goods based on several records obtained over the past years and access to the system of comprehensive customs system (epl, tsc) and regulations Import and export to change the tariff and value of goods

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