isfahan Travel Guide

Isfahan Travel Guide

Located in central Iran, Isfahan is the capital of Isfahan province. It is considered the third most popular city to visit in the country (ranked after Tehran and Mashhad). According to UNESCO standards and marked as a creative city, Isfahan is the land of crafts and folk arts which follows the patterns of sustainable development as well. There is lot to say about this awesome land; however the current Isfahan Travel guide will give you essential information about the city. Stay tuned if you are attracted to Isfahan travel!

Being one of the most visited tourist attractions in Iran, the city has a worldwide reputation due to its unique architectural masterpieces. It is worth mentioning that Isfahan is known as “half the world” because of the large number of its tourist attractions, therefore it seems inconceivable to drop by all its splendid tourist sites in just one visit and you need to travel to Isfahan several times to discover what it really is.

What has made Isfahan to be called “half the world” despite of its rather small-scale area is the condensation of unrivalled, historical sites with amazing architecture such as astonishing bridges, glorious palaces and magnificent mosques with elegant minarets which all have made Isfahan travel an unforgettable experience.

Whereas Isfahan had been the capital of a few Persian dynasties throughout history, it is hosting a considerable number of cultural and historical constructions visit of which would be a great bliss. Therefor Isfahan attractions and global reputation leave no hesitation for travelling to Isfahan. Your favorable Isfahan travel maybe included in our Isfahan tour packages.



Lying on the central part of Iran, Isfahan experiences almost all four seasons separately. Registering cold winter days and hot summers, one may travel to Isfahan in any season and enjoy the agreeable weather. An autumnal Isfahan travel and walking under the falling leaves would be a great experience as well as enjoying the delicate spring breeze and the sparkling sunshine in summer. 

Isfahan Attractions

Despite of its historical fluctuations through centuries, Isfahan has retained its splendor and is sparkling like a precious jewel on the velvet land of Iran. Isfahan tours and travels would give you the opportunity of having a glimpse on this glorious historical region. The current travel guide to Isfahan will help you getting an idea about what to see in Isfahan. Some of Isfahan tourist attractions are listed below to help you having a memorable travel to Isfahan.

  • Naghsh-e Jahan Square:

This arena is one of the most beautiful squares in the whole world, which must be definitely visited in an Isfahan tour. “Naghsh-e Jahan” means "a model to the world" and it definitely deserves this title. The arena includes two mosques, a palace and a traditional bazaar, surrounded by the Safavid constructions.

  • Chahar Bagh Boulevard:

It is one of the city’s historical avenues, divided into two sections, Chaharbagh Bala and Chaharbagh Abbasi, known as two most spectacular Isfahan attractions.



  • Imam Mosque:

This beautiful mosque, beautified with turquoise tile work, is a picturesque art work in Naghsh-e Jahan Square.

  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque: 

This enchanting mosque with a harmonized, mosaic dome is truly an architectural masterpiece, built in the Safavid era. Showing different colors under different light shades, the mosque is whispering hidden secrets to its visitors’ ears.



  • Aali Qapu:

Belonging to the Safavid era as well, it is located in front of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque on the west side of Naghsh-e Jahan Square. Ali Qapu  is one of the popular and most visited constructions in Isfahan.

  • Chehel Sotoun Palace:

This palace was also built during the reign of Shah Abbas I. Reflecting the construction’s twenty pillars on the opposite pool; one may see forty pillars which makes the name of the palace sensible.

Shahrestan Bridge, Si O Se Pol and Khajoo Bridge are among Isfahan historical bridges and popular Isfahan tourist attractions



Handicrafts & Souvenirs of Isfahan Travel

If you wonder what to do in Isfahan you should taste traditional Isfahan foods such as Beryani, Kaal josh and yogurt stew apart from visiting the attractions. Gaz and poulaki, the two popular sweets of Isfahan are among the Souvenirs of the city. Known as the cradle of Iranian handicrafts and art works, Isfahan presents numerous amazing handicrafts to purchase in your Isfahan travel as well.

Going through the old bazaars, you will see the art works of Iranian artists made tastefully and elegantly. The artists who have amalgamate originality with charming designs and patters will caress your eyes with beauty and delicacy in your Isfahan travel. Just keep up with our Isfahan travel guide not to lose this experience.



 Inlaying is an original engraving art on woods, ivory, bones and metal wires by inlaying masters. This art has been popular in Iran since the Seljuk era and reached its peak during the Safavid dynasty.

  • Being another popular handicraft, enameling is the art of painting and drawing on copper utensils. The colors used in this art form are usually the sky colors due to the meaning of the word “enameling” which signifies blue sky.
  • ngraving on copper, silver, and brass utensils is one of the oldest handicrafts, still prevalent in Isfahan, Shiraz, and Tabriz.
  • Persian Miniature Painting (Negargari) is another Isfahan's art form used in the past to illustrate books.

Handicrafts & Souvenirs


Kilim and Gabbeh
Kilim and Gabbeh



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