Kashan Travel Guide

Kashan Travel: One of the Oldest Legacies of Pre-historic era

Apart from well-travelled, cosmopolitan cities like Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran, etc, Iran has sundry small towns such as Kashan and many others, hosting a large number of magnificent tourist sites as well. Thus, if Kashan travel has not been included in your itinerary yet, you may want to think twice about it.


Travel to Kashan

Kashan, located in the northern part of Isfahan province, is on a pathway between Tehran and Isfahan. Therefore many travelers, who opt to visit Isfahan, would bypass Kashan as their first stop after noisy and crowded Tehran.

Being one of the exceptional towns, Kashan has survived from the recent technological and architectural changes which have altered most of the world’s historical cities due to the population explosion and urban sprawls.


Guide to Travel to Kashan

You may travel to Kashan mainly in two ways: If you prefer road trips you may want to travel either by car or by bus. You might have heard about inconveniency of roads and transportation in Iran, but you will definitely change your mind confronting the high-end highways which are truly excellent.

Taking a train to Kashan is the other travel alternative which takes around three and a half hour. Early on booking your ticket is possible for four or six-bed compartments in Tehran to Kashan train. It is also doable to pick your favorable seat afterwards. So as to give the best satisfaction, Kashan tours often provide the visitors with a variety of travelling packages and the most qualified Kashan hotels.

Being in a desert (Dasht-e-Kavir), Kashan is hot in summer and cold in winter. Therefore a visit between March and April is extremely prominent not only for the perfect climate, but for an air redolent with the odor of roses, grown to produce rose water in Qamsar town in the aforesaid time in spring. In addition to spring which is truly the best time to travel to Kashan, the period between October and November would be another proper time for visiting the borough. Kashan tours basically offer the visitors the best time possible visit. Just check the guide trip to Kashan hereinafter before planning your Kashan travel.

Kashan Travel Guide: Tourist Attractions

Travelling to Iran, you will be given the opportunity of being a part of almost 7000 year old history. Like opening a history book, you can explore among its delightful and alluring pages. Definitely no trip to Iran would be a completed one without visiting the historical city of Kashan.

Kashan travel has been always an outstanding visit mostly because of the elegant historical mansions included. You get acquainted with the ancient architecture and the type of lifestyle the old Iranians used to have. Kashan tours usually offer a variety of tourist destinations. You may want to know more about Kashan attractions to get an idea of what to see in Kashan:


Fin Garden


●Fin Garden

As one of the UNESCO submitted heritages, Fin Garden (with its old cypress trees, ramparts and numerous refreshing water features) is a perfect representation of the illustrious Persian gardens constructed during Safavid era. The assassination of Amir Kabir, the chief minister of Nasser al-Din Shah, which is considered as one of the most tragic murders in Persian history, took place in Fin Bathhouse in the middle of this enchanting garden.

●Tabatabaei Historical House

Being interested to know more about Iran’s vernacular architecture, you may want to visit kashan historical houses. Fantastic mud brick architecture, exquisite wall paintings and fancy stained glass windows are among the wonders of this mansion. Being built-in the Qajar dynasty, the house was dedicated to the wealthy Tabatabaei family.  


Tabatabaee House


●Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath House

Also known as the Qasemi bathhouse, it has an extremely astonishing decoration, especially an amazing ceiling with turquoise and gold tile work. By visiting this bathhouse, you may see how Iranians used to take a luxurious bath.  

●Agha Bozorg Mosque

This historical mosque was constructed under the reign of Mohammad Khan Qajar by master-mimar Ustad Haj Sa'ban-ali. It belonged to Agha Bozorg, who yearned for building a mosque not only to hold local prayers but also to teach the interested religious students in its basement which was fairly employed as a theological school. 

●Abbasian Traditional House

It is almost impossible to appreciate this mansion’s fairness without seeing it up close. The finest parts of the house are the mirror room and Shahneshin (a room which is placed higher than the other rooms, giving a splendid view of the entire yard). 

●Bazaar of Kashan

When it comes to Persian bazaars, it is nothing like other experiences. You will not go there only to shop; rather, you just go there to enjoy the cozy, atmospheric, covered bazaar along with the amazing architecture.   

●Noush Abad Underground City

The city was dug up down the ground during the Sasanid dynasty used as a shelter by inhabitants against enemies’ invasions. Methods used for air-conditioning in this labyrinth style, underground city are really breathtaking. 


Noush Abad Underground City

●Sialk Hills  

Said to be one of the world’s oldest civilizations, the site was a mysterious part of a town called “The Cursed City”. Sialk Hills totally covered under the ground and crammed full of ancient tools and potteries, were not discovered before a huge flood which uncovered the site.  A great number of Sialk treasures are exhibited in the Louvre Museum.


Kashan Travel Guide: Handicrafts and Souvenirs

If you want to know what to do in Kashan keep up with Kashan tour and walk around a bit in its astonishing bazaar. Definitely the beautiful handicrafts, souvenirs and tasteful cookies will empty your pocket in Kashan travel.

Kashan rugs and carpets have truly global reputation because of their beauty and quality. No doubt having a Persian rug laid in your house, with its delicate patterns and enchanting colors, makes your home even more gorgeous. 

Giveh is a handicraft you should try on before buying. Since they are really unique handmade footwear, woven by creative Iranian women, you are not going to find them anywhere else in the world. Becoming a fashion trend among younger generations, the art of Giveh-weaving has become even more popular recently.

The scent of rose water, aromatic liquids and herbal essences will be an unforgettable experience in Kashan travel. Apart from visiting the procedure of rose water distillation, you can purchase natural herbal products as well. 




Walking around the bazaar in Kashan travel will indeed make you taste the delicious cookies such as Baklava and Haji Badam. The former is a type of desert made of chopped nuts and honey, often served with tea and the latter is a small type of cookie made of almond. Their tastes will be remembered for sure!

Handicrafts & Souvenirs

Haji Badam
Haji Badam



Rosewater and Herbal Essences
Rosewater and Herbal Essences

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