Marine transport

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The share of sea transport in the movement of goods in international trade is about 90 percent of total trade accounts. This is in terms of tonnage of about six billion tons of all kinds of goods that approximately one-third contains oil products and one third contains bulk and dry goods and the rest are non-bulk goods. According to the established percentage of the movement of goods in international trade, maritime transport and importance of trade considered as an integral part of the investigation. arvin tav company with large network of reliable agents and partners around the world offers variety of services of international maritime transport.


arvin tav company is able to maintain competitive shipping rates throughout the world. We are capable of transporting 20 and 40-foot containers and special containers, Flat Rack, Reefer, Open Top from all over the world to southern ports and vice versa, transport the vehicles, accessories and personal belongings and dangerous goods are including our services.

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