rail transport

Prepare To Make Rail Transport Contracts From Iran To The CIS Contries And Vice Versa

Low cost, being safe and rapid transport can be considered as the most important advantages of rail transport compared to other transport methods. Railroad across the country from south to north, plays an important role in transit, import and export.

Accordaing to this issue that the rail network is the backbone of any country and the world is going to develop the respected sector of transportation,we should try to find legal and smart systems in this sector.

Arvin tav company is able to transport your goods via rail and road transportation from any part of Europe to Iran.such as: Full truckload, Less-than-truckload, Refrigerated truck.Sina Tarabar company With a large network of representatives and reliable international partners with competitive prices with assisting of collection centers Grvpazh in European countries transport your goods from Europe and vice versa in the shortest possible time.

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